Flight Number: EUR3054 Duration: 10:00
Departure: Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) at 07:30 Distance: 4322 Nm
Arrival: Salt Lake City Intl Airport (KSLC) at 17:30 Equipment: B747

Weather Information
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands (EHAM) 52-18N 004-46E -2M Sep 21, 2017 - 09:55 AM EDT / 2017.09.21 1355 UTC
Wind: from the S (170 degrees) at 12 MPH (10 KT) (direction variable):0
Visibility: greater than 7 mile(s):0
Sky conditions: mostly clear Temperature: 66 F (19 C) Dew Point: 51 F (11 C) Relative Humidity: 59% Pressure (altimeter): 30.06 in. Hg (1018 hPa)
ob: EHAM 211355Z 17010KT 140V210 9999 FEW028 19/11 Q1018 NOSIG cycle: 14
Sunrise: 05:30 Sunset: 17:37 (UTC)

SALT LAKE CITY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT , UT, United States (KSLC) 40-47N 111-58W 1286M Sep 21, 2017 - 09:54 AM EDT / 2017.09.21 1354 UTC
Wind: from the NNW (340 degrees) at 6 MPH (5 KT):0
Visibility: 10 mile(s):0
Sky conditions: mostly cloudy Temperature: 52.0 F (11.1 C) Dew Point: 44.1 F (6.7 C) Relative Humidity: 74% Pressure (altimeter): 29.75 in. Hg (1007 hPa)
ob: KSLC 211354Z 34005KT 10SM FEW015 SCT045 BKN110 11/07 A2975 RMK AO2 SLP037 ACSL DSNT NE AND SE T01110067 cycle: 14
Sunrise: 13:18 Sunset: 01:22 (UTC)

TAF:2017/09/21 12:22 TAF KSLC 211120Z 2112/2218 34012KT P6SM SCT080 SCT100 FM211600 32006KT P6SM SCT080 SCT100 FM211900 33010G18KT P6SM VCSH SCT040 BKN060 FM220000 34010KT 6SM -RA SCT025 BKN050 FM220400 27008KT 6SM -RA BKN020 OVC050 FM220700 24007KT P6SM VCSH BKN040 BKN070

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