Website update

In the past couple of days I have updated the homepage.

Here's the news:

  • The schedule search now includes a duration option, where you can select whether you want short, medium, long or very long flights.
  • The news has moved from the left section to the right section. Only headlines are displayed, to see the entire message a popup appears
  • Current flights, previous flights, new pilots, awards received and news items are now chronologically shown in the pilot activity timeline.  
    Also, new gallery pictures are shown on this timeline.

Following applies to logged in pilots only:

  • For loggedin pilots, the right column now shows all the info that's in the pilot center: bid info, recent flights, awards, rewards and pilots options.
    Hence there is no need to visit the pilot center anymore, the link will be removed shortly.
  • The recent flights list shows a checkmark behind it when its approved, or a red smiley if its rejected. Click on it to see the details.
  • The last news item apears in full on top of the departure board, instead of the introduction for non-logged-in pilots. 
  • The community forum now has polls to easier ask for your opinions. The first poll, about which regions EVA should expand, has been placed and I'm looking forward to your vote. Click to vote!

In addition to this, our pilot Jose Luiz has created liveries for the 747, 737 and 707 in flightgear. Thanks Jose!
The liveries are in the downloads section - see the link in the right colum on the homepage.

Posted By: Mike Bravo on 2016-01-28 23:31:08