New airport: Menorca

Dear pilots,

The pilot poll in the forum has clearly spoken of a preference for new airports in the mediterranean, so today I added another holiday destination: Menorca. Together with Ibiza and Mallorca, it makes this spanish island makes up the so-called Balearic island group, which are especially popular with German and British tourists. I have prepared scheduled flights Between Menorca and  Basle-Mulhouse, Hannover, Gatwick, Munich. 

In addition to this, I have added new schedules to/from Iraklion/Crete, Malta, Dakar and Dubai. 

You might have noticed that last week we had a small problem with the weather display in the schedule details and flight briefing. This has now been resolved, and weather forecast has been added. 

With kind regards,

Mike Bravo

Posted By: Mike Bravo on 2016-03-02 19:56:23