Johannesburg and new schedules

I'm proud to announce the addition of Johannesburg, South Africa, to our route network. Our intercontinental schedules are also completely redesigned: being a European Airline, almost all of our intercontinental scheduled flights now originate or land somewhere in Europe. There are also some around-the-world scheduled flights: Munich-Los Angeles-Hong Kong-Munich for example, and one of the longest real-life scheduled flights: Jeddah-Los Angeles should be flyable in 17 hours. 

The give you more flexibility I extended  the range of the charter 777-200  to 7730Nm to reflect the 777-200ER. You can of course still use any 777 you like. 

I hope you enjoy the new schedules and look forward to approve your pireps!



Posted By: Mike Bravo on 2016-03-29 17:51:12