European Virtual Airlines (EVA) was founded in June 2012. Our aim is to add a new dimension to simulated flying that is both social, entertaining, and educating.
We are open to all simulators and networks: we welcome pilots who fly X-plane, Flightgear, Prepar3d or any version of MS Flight Simulator.

Flying a flight simulator is a great hobby, but it can quickly become tedious to fly through an empty world without a certain "goal". This is where EVA comes in:  we provide an environment that educates you by giving you challenges.  With us, you'll have the aviation career  you never had in real life - all the way from a private pilot license (PPL) to becoming captain on a big passenger jet! 

Our fleet currently consists of nine different types, ranging from small props like the Beechcraft B1900d, through mid-size airliners like the Boeing 737 and Airbus A321 to the heavy metal Airbus A340 and Boeing 777 /  747. All these aircraft are available in FSX and Flightgear, and most of them also in X-plane. For some aircraft we offer type ratings: you can earn a rating by passing an exam, after which you earn 25% on top of your usual hourly rate.

At the moment our 100-something airports are connected by a flight schedule of over 500 flights. Flying scheduled flights will give you both guidance and a challenge without limiting your options. At EVA it is not difficult to find a suitable flight: we have a search form straight on the front page, and our departure board shows all flights available for immediate departure. It usually shows a dozen available flights at any given time.

Another way to fly for EVA is to use our groundbreaking charter system: Head over to the charter warehouse and select some passengers or cargo, a destination airport and a suitable aircraft. You will earn 5% of the revenue you make, which can be many times the standard hourly rate! The charter system has been developed by EVA and you will not find it anywhere else!

European Virtual Airlines has a custom designed award system that rewards you for specific aspects of flying. You can earn awards for flying on VATSIM, achieving a type rating or flying to certain "difficult" airports like Gibraltar, Innsbruck, Madeira etc These awards count towards your career progress, so be sure to have a look at our awards page to see which awards you can earn!

Our carreer-ladder has 8 steps, based on real-world ranks. For every promotion you need to fly a certain combination of hours, landings and awards. Because we recognize new pilots may have significant flying experience we don't restrict aircraft types to certain ranks: you can fly the "heavy metal" right from the start! 

Last but not least, we have a fully integrated forum: no separate login or registration is necessary thanks to a one-click login system. You can instantly tap into all the information available there, contribute your own knowledge, and meet fellow pilots on the chatbox. Important decisions will also be polled on the forum so that the pilot community can have their say about the things that matter to them. 


For more information, hover over the "about" button and choose one of the pages from the menu.

To see a quick overview of all the features listed above, click here, or go here to register.


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