Why join European Virtual Airlines? Here are a few good reasons at a glance:

  • More than 80 airports, some of which are the most challenging in the world.
  • A fleet of 10 different aircraft, ranging from the 19-seater Beechcraft prop to the "queen of the skies": the Boeing 747.
  • A ranking system with 9 different ranks. To climb the career ladder you need to prove your merit as a pilot by earning awards or doing landings
  • We have over 400 scheduled flights per day, so you can choose from a dozen of flights at any given time.
  • We have a unique charter system: You, the pilot, get to choose what you transport, where to, and when.
  • An extensive award system credits you, among other things, for flying to difficult airports, flying on time, and flying regularly.
  • Aircraft are not restricted to a rank, and we have no jump-seat system: you don't have to depart from your last arrival airport.
  • EVA is open to everyone: whether you fly props or heavies, vatsim or ivao, and regardless what simulator you use, you are welcome at EVA.
  • Our forum is fully integrated in the website, and there is no separate account needed thanks to our special one-click login system. It also features an integrated chatroom where you can meet your fellow pilots.
  • Our flight briefing page give you all the info you need to fly: airport charts, weather information, route planner and a fuel calculator.
  • Our ACARS systems make filing a pirep easy: For FSX and X-plane we support Xacars, kacars and fsacars auto-PIREP system: no need to worry about timing or fuel consumption, and no tracker links are needed to get that pirep approved. 
  • Maps for ACARS and mpmap are embedded on the site, so you can see who is flying at any given time.
  • Find schedules easy, straight from the homepage. Our schedule search engine is more flexible than the standard phpvms and sorted by departure time, so it's very easy to find a suitable flight. On the homepage you can find a departure board with 10 flights ready for immediate take-off.
  • Upload your best screenshots to the pilot gallery and watch photos from other pilots

We continuously strive to update and extend this airline, so this list will be expanded on a regular basis.