Our fleet

Our fleet consists of 11 different aircraft, ranging in size from the 19-pax Beechcraft 1900d to the large passenger jets like the Boeing 747. Here is a quick overview of all our aircraft. If you have trouble to find a download for these aircraft, there is a list of links on the forum.
To further enhance your choice of aircraft, we allow certain substitutions. That is to say, you may use a different aircraft than the standard in our fleet. Look at the "alternative aircraft" heading to see which aircraft can be used as a substitute. For more info on the fleet see the FAQ.

Raytheon Beechcraft 1900d

The B1900d is our entry-level prop aircraft: It is easy to fly and can land almost anywhere. It's one of the nicer modelled aircraft in Flightgear, where it's part of th base package. The picture shows the premaircraft B1900d in EVA livery
Alternative aircraft: Beechcraft 350
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
19 1498Nm 280kt at 20.000ft
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
10434lb 17120lb 640lb


De Havilland  DHC8

The DHC8 is a popular turboprop airliner that reaches near-jet speeds and is ideal for short and medium-range flights.
You may fly the DHC8-300 or -400 variants, whichever is available to you. Pictured below is a premcraft DHC8 on the tarmac in Porto LPPR

Alternative aircraft: ATR72
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
78 1567 360kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
37.886lb 64.500lb 1500lb


Bombardier CRJ-700

The Bombardier CRJ-700, our smallest jet, is perfect for short distances. It is a default aircraft in FSX and well modelled in Flightgear. 
On the picture is an FSX CRJ-700 in Samedan St. Moritz

Alternative aircraft: Embraer ERJ145/195
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
70 1702Nm 0.78 Mach at 35000 ft
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
43.500lb 72.750lb 3800lb





Boeing 737  

The Boeing 737 is the "working horse" of most airlines, and EVA is no exception. Together with the Airbus A321 and the MD-81 it's responsible for our medium-distance flights, which make up the bulk of our schedule. Pictured is the 737 contained in the FSX base package, on the tarmac of Olbia Costa Smeralda airport, on Sardinia.
We allow the use of any 737, freeware or payware.

Alternative aircraft: Boeing 737-300/400/500, Bae146
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
162 3060 Mach 0.78 at 36000 ft
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
90.171lb 155.500lb 7000lb


McDonnell Douglas MD-81    

The MD-81 is the evergreen in our fleet: we keep it because its easy to fly and one of the best-modelled airplanes in Flightgear. For FSX there are freeware and payware versions, links will follow. We accept the MD81/82/83/88
Pictured below is an MD81 in EVA livery.

Alternative aircraft: Boeing 717, DC9
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
172 1564Nm 500kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
77.888lb 140.000lb 7000lb


Airbus A321    

The Airbus A321 is our mid-range jetliner, popular both in the real world and in virtual aviation. Together with the 737 and the MD81 it is responsible for most flight movements. In FSX it's part of the default package and in Flightgear it is well-modelled too. Pictured is an Airbus A321 on the tarmac in Innsbruck. You may also fly the Airbus A319/A320
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
186 2350Nm 447kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
105330lb 183.000lb unknown


Boeing 757    

The Boeing 757 is the latest addition to our fleet. It's comparable to the A321 in size but has a longer range. Pictured is a Boeing 757 in EVA livery. Because the 757 is very similar to the 767, you may fly this aircraft if you own this one instead of the 757
Passenger Capacity Range (pax/cargo) Cruise speed
239 pax / 87.700lb cargo 3900Nm /  3150Nm 458kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
127.520lb 255.000lb unknown





Airbus A330/A330F

The Airbus A330 and A330 Freighter are the medium-long range jetliners and the latest addition to the fleet of European Virtual Airlines.
While the A330F (pictured below) is exclusively used for our cargo operations, we have scheduled flights and charters for the regular A330. As an alternative, we allow the classic Airbus A300.

Alternative Aircraft: Airbus A300
Passenger/Cargo Capacity Range Cruise speed
293 pax or 70.000lb cargo (332/330F) 7000/4000Nm Mach 0.83
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
264.000lb or 240.000lb  510.000lb No data


Boeing 777-200ER    

The Boeing 777-200ER is our long-range jetliner for transcontinental flights. It owes its popularity in the Flightgear community to being well-modelled and being part of the FG base package. Most routes served by the 777 will also be served by its counterpart, the Airbus A340. 
Pictured is a Flightgear 777-300

Alternative aircraft: Boeing 767, Boeing 787 dreamliner
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
305 5960Nm 490kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
314.000lb 580.000lb 15600


Airbus A340   

Together with the 777-200 and the 747, the A340 is the choice of equipment when it comes to long-range flights. Displayed here in Boeing livery on Vienna Schwechat airport, this modern 4-engined jetliner is waiting for you to take it for a spin!

Alternative aircraft: Ilyushin IL96, Boeing 707

Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
372 7500Nm Mach 0.83
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
390.220lb 804.675lb No data










Boeing 747    

Last but not least: the Boeing 747, also known as "the queen of the sky" is the pride of our fleet. The first 747s started flying in the 60's, and since then Boeing has come a long way in the development of this aircraft.: the flight engineer has been made redundant and all contemporary 747s, like the ones in service with this airline, have glass cockpits. Pictured here, at the airport of Nice (LFMN) is the standard 747 from the FSX base package, but you may choose any variation of 747.
Where will you take it today?

Alternative aircraft: Airbus A380
Passenger Capacity Range Cruise speed
416 7284Nm 490kt
Empty Weight MTOW Average Fuel Burn (per hour)
400.000lb 181.255lb No data

Do not illegally download payware aircraft: it takes much time to develop an aircraft, and the people who invest their time deserve to be rewarded.